Hunger Sticks is a brand new food truck servicing the Los Angeles & Orange County area!

Founded by Ailian Quon, the truck sells Skewers and their bowl equivalent. The food is perfect for people on the go, because you can carry the stick while you walk and not have to worry about utensils! All the food is gluten free and have Vegan options.

We’re also proud to say that our truck uses solar panels, which helps reduce our carbon foot print and reduce noise to the surrounding areas.

The biggest attention grabber besides our 18 inch “Hunger Stick” is our fun and loving Red Panda mascot! Kids run by screaming “Red Panda” with joy all the time! Although.. yes, we get “Raccoon” from time to time too, but that’s ok! 🙂

Ailian Quon (Founder) in front of Hunger Sticks Food Truck